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How To Download Songs?: Songs are the one of the most common way of entertainment. Songs are not just the words these are the emotions which consist of lyrics with deep meanings. The instrumental music in it makes us fell the song. Is well said by someone that when you are happy, you fell the music but when you are sad, you understand the lyrics. Many songs are releasing worldwide every day. These are used in every party, function and in other events also.

You can download the songs easily in the many ways. There are many apps, websites and softwares are available, which provides you the vast number of songs. We have apps for the android devices like gana music, hugama music, Google play music and many more. There are various website where you can download songs free of cost.

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How To Download Songs from Youtube Soundcloud Spotify

How To Download Songs from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify

Now we will explain the some of the ways using which you can download your songs in easiest ways:
Using gaana music app:

This app is available free cost at the play store. It is the top rated free music & audio app with near about 50 million download. It offers you over 30 million songs in the 10 different Indian languages. This app does not charge for listening the songs online but if you want to download the songs you must be premium user of gaana app.

How To Download Songs from Youtube

In order to download songs you need to follow the following simple steps:

  1. Download the app and get the premium access by making the required amount.
  2. Fill you ID and ‘sign in’ on the application.
  3. Search for the song you want to download in the search bar.
  4. On the right side, you will see a download button (downward arrow).
  5. Click on that button and your song will start downloading.

How To Download Songs from Google Internet

There is one disadvantage in downloading the music using this app that you cannot play the downloaded in other music player. You only need gana app to play that and secondly these songs are not transferable without other supporting app

Using Google play music:

How To Download Songs from Soundcloud

It is the product of the Google Corporation. It is available on the play store with average 3.9 ratings. You can run this app on android, ios and web. Now here we will explain you the steps to download song in an android device.

  • Download and open the play music app.
  • Swipe right, from the left edge
  • From the sidebar, tap My Library
  • Locate the album (or song) you want to download
  • Tap the associated menu button (three vertical dots)
  • Tap Download
  • Allow the download to complete

How To Download Songs on iPhone or Mobile

How To Download Songs from Spotify

Or simply you can search for the song or the album you want to download and follow the steps from the step number 5. The songs downloaded using this app are not transferable without any supporting app. The only advantage, providing you the large variety of songs.

Using website:

There are vast number of website like,, and many more. Where you can download the songs free of cost. The main advantage is that you can even share these songs with other devices and these songs does not require any special music player. Most the website have following common steps to download the songs:

How To Download Songs in Laptop Computer

  • Surf any website which provides you the downloadable songs.
  • On the homepage you can see links for the latest songs, songs of different genre and top downloaded songs of the week or month.
  • Click on the song you want to download
  • The resulting page will show you the details of the songs and on the bottom of the song thumbnail you can see different options to download the songs like 64kbps, 340kbps and many more. It is the different qualities of the song.
  • Tap on the link whose quality suits you.
  • You song will start downloading.
  • How To Download Songs on iPhone or Mobile

How To Download Songs in Laptop Coumputer

How To Download Songs from Google Internet

So these were some of the ways to download the music where you can download the songs as per you current mood and spend that time more easily.

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