How to Download a Movies Using uTorrent? [ Free Full Movies 2018 ]


How to Download a Movies Using uTorrent:?: µTorrent (pronounce: muTorrent) or uTorrent is an application to download a torrent file. This Torrent is the BitTorrent client developed and owned by the Bit Torrent, Inc. Which is most used torrent cline with the 100 million downloads and the average rating of 4.6 stars. You can install this application in a mobile phone’s as well as on your PC’s. µTorrent is most helpful in downloading the large file such as movies, music, software, songs and many more.

How to Download a Movies Using uTorrent?

It was initially released on September 18, 2005, by BitTorrent, Inc. The original author of the torrent client is LudvigStrigeus who programmed this client in the C++ computer language. After 2005 the stable several of µTorrent was launched for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android. Its size varies as per the operating such as for MS Windows 2.29 MB, for Linux size varies from 2.09 MB to 2.23 MB, for Android devices its size is 13 MB.

How to Download a Movies using uTorrent?

µTorrent enables fast downloading as it uses peer-to-peer file transfer or p2p file transfer. In case of normal downloading, we download from only one server. Where we have only one uploading server and sometime due to more traffic on the site make it slower. Which leads the site to shut down. In the case of µTorrent and p2p file transfer, data is transferred by creating multiple servers. Like if one is downloading a torrent file at the same time it can act as the server from where others can download it. Which means if a 3rd person wants to download the same file then it will be supplied by the 2 servers similarly this process continuous further. Here the unloaders are known as ‘ Seders’ and the downloaders or peers are known as ‘Leechers’. The question may arise in your mind that how it is possible to download a file from multiple servers? It is possible because the file is downloaded in the parts. Leechers get a different part of the file from the different Seeders after the downloading parts are clubbed in the proper sequence.

How to Download Movies from uTorrent 2018

Downloading the torrent is very easy processes. Here we will let you know about the steps to download µTorrent in Android devices.

How to Download Movie using uTorrent in Mobile

How to Download Movie using uTorrent in Mobile

To download the torrent your device android version must be 2.1 or more. This can be downloaded from the website and from the play store also. Now we will explain the steps for downloading from play store.

  • STEP 1: Open the play store.
    Tap the search option
  • STEP 2: Type the utorrent or µTorrent
  • STEP 3: From the available option, tap on the µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader.
  • STEP 4: If your device is compatible, then you will see an option in the green box saying ‘INSTALL’. Tap on that.
  • STEP 5: Now click on ‘ACCEPT’ option if you permit the access to listed items.
  • STEP 6: Your µTorrent will start downloading.
  • STEP 7: When the file is downloaded you will see the option for ‘OPEN’ in replacement of option for install.

uTorrent Free Movies Download Hollywood Movies

uTorrent Free Movies Download Hollywood Movies

Using these steps download the µTorrent and enjoy the experience of downloading the large file in easy and time-saving ways.

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